The Beauty of Words #sparrowsflight

The beauty of words … it’s an amazing thing! I love when an idea for one thing lends itself to something else entirely. I have moments when words are slamming into me and I am furiously writing or typing to keep up with all of the things that are happening. It is a truly wonderful thing when it does happen. I have to make myself stop so I can do things that are important. You know, going to the bathroom or eating.

I know. Shocker. a person having to go to the bathroom or eating when all the words are screaming for attention. I should clarify that. the workds aren’t screaming for attention but the characters are. They are demanding, attention seekers. They can also get fiesty or downright snippy when they don’t get the attention they feel they are supposed to get.

In that right, characters have tendency to act as if they are toddlers wanting something they were told one billion times they couldn’t have. Hearing the word “no” sends them into an unnatural stat that demands a reckoning. it’s the same with characters who feel they have the right to occupy all parts of your mind. The author can’t sleep. They can’t eat. They can’t work on anything else. They can’t even shower.

How horrible is that?

Trying to take a shower to clean of the rest of life or one hell of a day and the character decides that would be the perfect time to give the author a new idea or scene. The choices authors have to make. It’s a struggle. Do I risk not recalling this scene after I shower? Or do I jot down the scene right now then shower afterwards? It is a million dollar dilemma.

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