Striving for more! #sparrowsflight

My goal this year is to push myself to do more and have fun doing it. Last year, I pushed and pushed but felt like the end result wasn’t worth the push. The problem was what I was pushing for wasn’t where my passion laid. Instead of listening to my own inner voice, I listened to the outer voice of others. In doing so, I found myself being upset and frequently depressed. I quickly realized my frustration and mood had everything to do with the choice of what I was pursuing. I’m in the works of shifting gears so that focus becomes the thing I am focused on. Putting the item I am most focused on in a neatly wrapped box with a bow on it in the trunk isn’t doing anything for myself. The readers who take the time to follow me wouldn’t be happy with me either. I don’t realize how much I miss that creative side of me until I finally get a chance to sit down, allowing myself to get lost in the process of it. I look forward to what’s to come from this revelation and change in my focus.

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