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Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Count down with me! I have two releases coming next month!

In a few short weeks, I will have two releases in one week. I'm thrilled to share these two works with readers. They were like my children. One, Dark Lessons, was easier to write and flowed easily. The other, Plunge, was a labor of love and put me through the paces. I tirelessly worked to find the story that needed to be conveyed. Stubborn.

The first release is coming Aug. 15.

Blu & Leigh

The story goes boy meets girl. They chat, have fun, go on date, and have more fun. Develop the best kind of relationship. You know, friends to lovers. Boy's father discovers girl's familial connections. Boy returns home to his country. Sad Times. The End.

Only, this story continues.

Boy and girl keep in touch. Remain friends. Boy asks girl to visit him. She does. He has an idea but doesn't include her until after he's revealed it to everyone in his family.

Now, things get interesting.

The boy (man) is Thayer Blu. The girl (woman) is London Steele. To his family, she is Eva "Leigh" Robertson.

Major complications unfold. One being, someone wants to unalive Eva/London.

The schemes. The sex. The suspense.

Not every lesson learned comes from a textbook.

Watch the trailer:


The second release exactly three days later.

Daire & Blaze

Two damaged hearts. Two great losses too many.

These two come with such emotional baggage. Baggage that neither of them is initially dealing with. (See stubborn) With the help of friends and family, they find their way to something neither of them expected to ever have again.

Join them on their journey to rediscovering what they lost.

Watch the trailer:

Which book are you most interested in reading? (Judge my book by its cover.)

  • Plunge

  • Dark Lessons

  • Both

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