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A Witch's Last Hope.jpg

Frail. Lost. Alone. Distraught. Selfish.
I can identify with none of those words. I’m known as the polar opposite of them. Look up “goody two shoes” and “know-it-all” and you’ll probably find a blown up picture of me. That’s been my jam for the first fifteen years of my life.
Suddenly, it wasn’t.
I literally changed overnight. I woke up one morning and hated everything about my life. No one wanted to believe I could do a one-eighty the way I did. I devised a plan to make it clear there was a new Abigail LaRue in town.
I bet they’ll believe me after this one.

Whoever said change was good, never met me.

A Witchs Last Hope
A Witch's Last Hope.jpg

Life altering secrets must be contained by the powerful.
~Enter a world where the magical have no tether ... and the lies change with the weather.~

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