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Dark Lessons - Misty Lyric.png

Life can change in the blink of an eye. One day, you're London Steele, up and coming entertainer, woman who teaches dance classes, and a person who recently booked a pilot. You take a trip to see an old friend. Suddenly, you're a woman named Eva Robertson. Elementary teacher. Engaged to be married.

The friend, Thayer Blu, created this persona and told his family you were his fiancée without your permission.
.As soon as he made the announcement, I should've gone home. I didn't. The chemistry between us has always been tangible. Now, it's practically addicting.

No regrets. Until the problems arise.

Issue #1: Apparently, someone wants me out of Thayer's life, for good.

Issue #2: My past, as London, comes knocking at the worst time.

Issue #3: The truth always reveals itself.

Momma used to say, "What's done in the dark always comes to light."
That's when I realize...

Not every lesson learned comes from a textbook.


It was supposed to be a secret. Nobody was supposed to know.
The problem with secrets in this day and age is they are hare to keep. Everyone is taking pictures and making videos.

Trending now? Me. So not a good thing.

Keeping the other side of me from everyone in the world, including my family, was done for a reason. My abilities are a death sentence... for me. Now, I have to figure out my next move.

My "MoMS" going to have my head when she finds out.

Plunge_EB (1).jpg

The world is full of people with opinions and advice.

“Strike while the iron’s hot” or “take a chance”.

Those are the most popular. The worst of it was spouted the day I met the man who would eventually break my heart.

Yet it was another word that changed both our lives: dare.

Jaxson Shaw hasn’t met a dare he wouldn’t take. Known to the world as Daire Deville, he chose life in the fast lane over a slower life with me. All because of a dare.

Now he’s back. The advice givers are too. “Take the plunge”. I heard again.

The water under this bridge runs red.

Some depths don’t need to be explored. Even if they are necessary.

loveonacruiseline (1).jpg

It’s happening! It’s really happening!

The words don’t seem real as I look at the entry in my online journal.

I’m actually doing this. I’m taking some time for myself. It’s my time!

Three days was all it took for everything to change.

BAM! I didn’t know what hit me. Neither did he. All I wanted was a little time away. A vacation.

One trip. One cruise. Two bells. Two lives. Too many events to count.

What happened next no one could’ve prepared for.

Love On A Cruise Line
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