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Breathe Clarissa - Book 1 (1).jpg
Breathe Clarissa - Book 1 (1).jpg

Clarissa Pierson. Twin. The older one. Sister to several siblings. Friend. Wife.

With one word, my life was no longer my own. Four letters and my sense of self is decimated, all but forgotten. The woman reflected in the mirror is no longer recognizable. I'm sad for her. Yes, that woman is me but I question if it should be.

Questions are all I'm left with as I try and fell to gain something from nothing. It's gone. The love, if there ever was any, laughter, joy or happiness have all been devoured. Snatched away as quickly as an inhale.

My life. My chosen path. My sad, little non-existant future. This is my story. A story that breathes a breath of renewal with one choice.


I. Choose. Me.

~Happiness can be found. Even if it's the second time around.~

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