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Kentucky Running

Life and the pursuit of happiness has been a serious work in progress for me.~Phoenix MillerI’ve been stuck in small town life for long enough. Fate has given me an opportunity and I am taking it. Life hasn’t been easy for me, but I am determined to make it better. This chance isn’t just for me. There’s a lot riding on me getting out from under the man I thought I loved, Dallas McGraw. He would hold me back; hold me down, and everything else if he had his way.I need the world—that world—to know that Phoenix Miller isn’t one to watch her life pass her by with the likes of the lot of them.Meeting Gideon Hall may be my salvation or my undoing. Only time will tell the truth of his and all of the rest of those who have crossed my path. My hope is that this Kentucky girl survives this run with her sanity and life intact.

Paper Lipstick

Lipstick kisses and caviar dreams don’t have a place in my life or his.
~ Max (Rebecca Robbins)
I'm a bad ass bitch. It's a truth of mine. I live it and breathe that shit. No, I'm not conceited or full of myself. It's just something I've discovered over the years.
I'm damn good by myself, always have been, always will. What I didn't know is I can be improved upon.
Enter the equally bad ass and hella charismatic Deckard Camden. Who, the hell, told him to be this jaw-droppingly gorgeous, mountain of a man, in comparison to my little self, projecting a wall of defense that rivals my own?
Nobody prepared me for the sensual words that would fall from his lips or the massive ... peace he would bring to my life.
Damn sure didn't get me ready to be Deckard Camden's wife … wait, what?

Maximum Velocity

The velocity of my heart rate has hit the maximum threshold living the life I am living.~ Z (Zo Watson)I’ve lived my life in a protective bubble. One I had no clue I was in. I lived a life where I was seen as “the great pretender” and accepted the title with pride. The choices I’ve made lead me to a place where I was in the center of the chaos that comes with having my family name.But wait … here’s more.I’m forever bound to a family I’ve already tried once to escape from. Now, new connections and relations are coming at me from all sides. I have no idea what to do.This isn’t my life. This isn’t the choice I made. My life of being pampered and protected has been effectively destroyed.Being the great pretender must be a family trait given what I’ve uncovered about mine.Lipstick kisses and caviar dreams, these are not!****STAND ALONE****

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