I did the Unthinkable #sparrowsflight

No, it’s not some horrific thing by the average individual’s standards. It is something those of us in the writing community tell all of those we meet.

What is this thing?

It’s too shameful to even mention.

Why bring it up if you aren’t going to share? One might ask.

I’m getting there. The shameful thing I did was look at those around me and review their success with my own. Well, the lack of success I’m having. I have found myself questioning my abilities as a writer over the last few months due to this huge faux pas.

One thing I promised myself I would never do to myself was measure my success and skill level with that of another’s. I seriously almost talked myself out of writing another word. I recall writing about not giving up. I was in the midst of an inward battle to do just that when I wrote that post.

I write because I love writing. I love sharing the characters that use me as their vessel to share their stories. My writing is there to hopefully help or inspire another through the shared details given to me. I have moments of frustration and wonder if I’ll ever reach the point of feeling comfortable enough with my writin to let go of my other career and focus on what I really wish to be doing. I’d love to reach the point where I can write full time and writing is my focus.

I hope that day is coming soon. Those who’ve already reached that point I commend you for stepping out into that unknown land.

Today, I began watching a docuseries on the making of Frozen II and had a moment of complete clarity. It takes three years for the studio to put a movie like Frozen II together. The end result is something all of those individuals come together to celebrate, appreciate, and can be proud of the final product.

All things come together in due time. I can’t rush the process. I just have to keep working, hone my craft, and continue developing the stories that continue to come to me.

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