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Today, I begin a much-needed 9-day break. I’m so excited that I have this time. My issue? What in the world do I do first? There’s so much I feel I’ve neglected with my every focus being my day job. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to do what I love. One thing I love is being able to create new worlds and tell the stories of the characters floating around in my head.

Unfortunately for me, I haven’t been able to tap into my creative side as much as I would like to for a while. I’ve written some words but a part of me feels like I’ve let my characters down by not setting aside time for them. I don’t like the feelings I feel when I look at my notebooks that are collecting dust waiting for me to make time for them. My goal this week is to not only sit down with my characters and the stories I feel I’ve lost touch with but take the time to create a schedule for myself. It’s beyond time for it.

Being this is something I love and feel passionate about, there is no time like the present to ensure I put forth an effort to open myself up to it. No more feeling guilt over neglecting that part of myself. I’m excited. Inspire yourself to take time to do what you love. You might surprise yourself with the little nugget of joy that builds inside. Take that nugget and nurture it. You’ll find you will be glad you did.

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