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My mind is firing on all cylinders. I’m loving this time I’ve had to show not only my creative side but the time to actually reconnect with the part of me that loves to write. I was one of those people who put up their Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving even hit. I couldn’t help it.

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and I love all parts of it. The movies, the decorations, the change in people’s attitudes, and willingness to give. I’m in seventh’s heaven; practically floating on a cloud. I absolutely adore seeing the houses and apartments that are lit with the trees. Where I live I don’t have the privilege of seeing the kids play in snow but I do get to watch it happen in movies.

It is one of the most amazing times of the year for me. Even as I sit in my pajamas now, I’m enjoying looking over and seeing my tree lit and my lights blinking. It makes me smile and sparks joy in my heart.

This year, I went with the blue and silver again, adding a bit more white to the tree. I believe it was called frost. I’ll go with that. It’s beautiful. I plan on adding purple ornaments to the mix. I believe those colors compliment each other well.

I didn’t plan this one. Do you see it?

I had to change the above composition because it didn’t want to remain in place. I’m glad I captured it before I did. Do you see what I see? I couldn’t have planned this one better. There was a face on my wall. It remained for three days before I had to change the placement.

My tree is captured below. I also have other little items that are on my bookshelves, counters and dining table that I haven’t snagged a photo of yet. Even with all of this, I have been fortunate enough to find the time to write!

That’s right! I’ve been writing and the words are flowing like crazy. I wanted to take the time to put this here because I love sharing this journey as a teacher, student, author, and mother. I’ll share again soon. Feel free to share with me something that brought you joy this week. Until next time, allow your imagination to take flight!

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