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#comingsoon Whiskey’s One True Wish by Kelsey Elise Sparrow #preorder

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Taryn “Whiskey” Best friends. That’s what we are. At least, that’s what we were. One night changed our worlds forever. One night that turned into two days—two of the best days of my life. On the third morning, he was gone. I was heartbroken, but I didn’t know how to tell him. Now, he’s engaged to be married and doesn’t know how I feel. Never thought a bottle of my namesake could cause me this much trouble. Wesley I am supposed to be getting married. The problem is, I can’t seem to stop wondering why my best friend and “best man,” Whiskey, isn’t standing right here with me. I need her to tell me I’m doing the right thing because I’m starting to have doubts. I can’t stop thinking about those two nights we shared. We laughed and made jokes about how everyone said we’d end up together. At the time, we felt it was a crazy notion. Now, I’m thinking maybe they knew something we didn’t. Maybe we dismissed the possibility far too soon. What I’m certain of is I need to know everything before I make the biggest mistake of my life

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