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Life after high school was supposed to be the greatest time ever! It’s what I’ve always thought. You’re free to live life as you want, making all the decisions. Bonus: you don’t have to listen to your parents.


Bitter, disgusting lies! Adulting is hard. The things we do as adults are horrifying. I quit. I don’t wanna anymore. Especially since the one person I hoped never to see again after graduation, I have to see every day. Jessica “Ms. Perfect Everything” Lawrence is now my boss.

Throughout high school, she was cruel and crapped on anyone’s feelings whenever she could. Nothing much changed there. She was also the ringleader of the mean girl crew. Now she gets to tell me what to do.

What did I do to deserve this? Did I piss off some deity or something? How is this fair?

This is, quite possibly, the worst thing to ever happen … until it’s not. Some weird twist of fate shifts things in my favor. Now I get to show her the definition of Mean Girls rule.

Mean Girls rule

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