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Damien Brandt is his name. Ask him again and he’ll tell you the same.
Really. He will. Why? Didn’t you know? Brandt Tech is the world’s foremost leader in all things technological. Since technology leads the world, he believes he does too. Never mind all the people who tirelessly work with him, for him, and are always at his side. A**. Can’t see passed his own nose to see what he’s about to lose.
Damien Oliver Brandt is the name. Giving the world new tech is my game. The president and founder of Brandt Technologies is who I am. It’s who I was born to be. I’ve been groomed to be the most powerful man in the world. The man of steel should bend to my will or so I’m told. Be calculating, be controlled, be cold. I’ve been conditioned to trust no one and stand firmly on my own.
Who knew I’d be standing alone? “Lonely at the top” is putting it lightly when she’s gone. I believe the grands were wrong.
Being a Brandt does not make life easier.

Cocky Narcissist (Reprint - COMING SOON)

SKU: 770030
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