Sparrow’s Flight – An Author’s Moment (Busy Working Author)

Always keep going no matter what(: just remember your gonna be okay. | Go  for it quotes, Keep going quotes, Words

I have these days when I feel like I should just stop trying to do anything with my craft. There are many moments when I think I should focus on other aspects of my life but …

That’s where it stops. It’s a passing thought. I can’t allow it to be more than that. The characters scream loudly in my head and awaiting their moment in the spotlight. I may not have a daily moment like I want to dedicate to them but every chance, every opportunity I have I will allow them to use me to give voice. It may not reach every sould on earth. It may not reach beyond this continent I’m on. Still, I have to press forward for those who look forward to those words, those stories, and those feelings.

Check back soon for a moment in Sparrow’s Flight – An Author’s Moment.

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