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New Release - Town of Whiskey Sweet #whiskeysweet #newaddition


Whiskey Sweet is growing! The Whiskey Sweet family grows by adding A Whiskey Sweet Treat to its ranks. Holden and Savannah took their time sharing the details of their story. It was a labor of love. The beauty of it is it has shaped so much of the next few books in the series. I'm looking forward to sharing how the other characters link with their story.

I loved being the muse for this book. The suspense aspect of this series has been just as thrilling to develop as the romances. Holden and Savannah took me on a journey that tested me in ways I never expected a story to do. Thinking about the two of them brings a smile to my face. The detective turned special ops team member and the baker are two of my new favorite characters. They bring a lot to the table. There was so much that it is one of the biggest books I've ever written (over 150K). It also has so many scenes I have to add to the other stories. (If not, the novel would never have ended.)

Whiskey Sweet is the town that keeps on giving. What started out as a possible three-book series has taken on a life of its own. I look forward to hearing what everything thinks of them.

The Stories:

Whiskey's One True Wish - Wesley Chambers III & Taryn Scott

A Whiskey Sweet Promise - Kincaid Kierney & Dylan Grayson

Sticky, Sweet Caramel - Holden Cross & Savannah Flowers

The latest release has inspired me to work on getting some swag designed for it. Savannah is a bakery owner who has a vividly bright personality that is reflected in how she decorated Savvy's Sweets & Treats. The "Savannah Effect" is not only a cupcake in the shop but a state of mind. The "Rainbow Crew" coined the phrase but it's something that will be a continued reference throughout the rest of the series.

As I've stated, Savannah runs a bakery. The "this or that" photos are all things that can be found, used, or sold there. Which of these do you prefer?

*Hope you visit Whiskey Sweet and enjoy your time there.

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