Lost in the Storm #sparrowsflight

I’ve been wanting to scream over the last few weeks. The limited number of words I’ve been able to put to a page has made me want to cry. I have to correct that last statement. My goal is to walk in the world of glass half full. If I’m looking at that glass then I have to see there is beauty in being able to put any words on the page.

I’ve been excited to create such amazing characters and flesh out ideas.

Everything prior to this sentence was started last week but wasn’t completed. I began working on other things and never came back to my post. My glass half full moment is knowing that every moment I get to spend working on any of the creations formed in my mind is a beautiful, wonderful moment. There are those who would love to be in my shoes. They would love to have the words to express how they feel or what they see in their minds eye.

Sometimes I have to remind myself to get out of my own way and to get over the little things. My moments of frustration are due to the fact that I do want to have more time to create and be creative. Right now, I have little people depending on me to help guide them in this world. They look to me to help them understand things they would otherwise never understand.

The time I spend creating things for them and helping them grow as people makes me just as proud as any of the novels I get to create. If it takes me a little longer to get my works into the world, then so be it. It’s worth every instance I get to share something new with them and see the lightbulb that they understand something or they show they care about someone other than themselves. I know I had a hand in that moment.

My hope is to continue to see the glass as half full and not half empty.

In other news, I was able to write a few thousand words this week. Glass half full wins!

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