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I've come to the realization that I can't let go of what I'm passionate about for anyone. My love for creating worlds outweighs anything else that I do. When I'm able to write and actually create, the feelings it stirs inside makes me feel beyond peaceful. I don't know about other people, other writers, but I feel sad when I don't get to spend time with my characters.

My upcoming projects have me thoroughly excited about what's to come. I have Mafia romances and Fantasy novels in the works as well as a historical romance that will lead to some royal tales. Great things are coming!

My Connecticut series will have some new novellas and novels in the next year. Whiskey Sweet will continue to grow. Some of the characters from town will head out to Colorado and have some interactions with the Mafia family.

The Mafia romance novels will take readers to Italy, France, Colorado, and New York. Mr. Hot Buns himself, Holden Cross, will venture into other books and share even more of his story. He has connections elsewhere that will bring about a surprising development. I'm so thrilled about the links between the worlds and the relationships that shocked even me as they have been developed.

The Inked crew are going to make appearances in other books as well. Another book will be added to the Inked to the Max series. As the worlds link and intertwine, the KES family will continue to find happiness while the adventures moving forward.

Readers will also visit New Orleans, Seattle, and possibly New Mexico. I also have some projects I can't wait to reveal. I'm proud to know that'll I will have characters ... ugh, I can't even say that. I'm a giddy little schoolgirl. I cannot wait to reveal what's to come in 2022, 2023, and 2024!!

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