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The velocity of my heartrate has hit the maximum threshold living the life I am. ~ Z (Zoie Watson) I should be known as the “great pretender.” A part of me wishes I could be more like my friend, Max. She’s a bad ass. I’m not. I sound like a teenager. I’m not that either. I’m an adult. I’m trying my best to hold on to my sanity as I deal with my judgmental parents—the man I want to be with will never be good enough for me in their eyes. That’s only one issue. They—the parents and my siblings—are going to crap two ton bricks when they learn I’m pregnant. If they discover how this baby was created they might have me committed. Just as I’m wrapping my head around the pregnancy and Trevor knowing he’s the father of my child, hell enters my life in the form of an ex love interest. He wants what he can’t have. It’s not me. Now, my life and the life of my unborn child are in danger. I may have to channel Max’s attitude because I don’t foresee anyone else—not even my baby daddy—getting me out of the mess I’m in.

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