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Stephanie Daniels' Duet


Life and the pursuit of happiness has been a serious work inprogress for me.
~Phoenix Miller
I've been stuck in small town life for long enough. Fate hasgiven me an opportunity and I am taking it. Life has been easy for me, but I amdetermined to make it better. This chance isn't just for me. There's a lotriding on me getting out from under the man I thought I loved.
Dallas McGraw
He would hold me back. Hold me down. If he had his way, I'dbe held hostage in every sense of the word. I need the world--that world--to knowthat Phoenix Miller isn't one to watch her life pass her being tied to thelikes of the lot of them.

Meeting Gideon Hall might just be the salvation I needed. Itmight be my undoing. My hope is this Kentucky girl survives this run with hersanity and life intact.

An Author's Conclusion


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