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Properties of Magic

Frail. Lost. Alone. Distraught. Selfish.
I can identify with none of those words. I’m known as the polar opposite of them. Look up “goody two shoes” and “know-it-all” and you’ll probably find a blown up picture of me. That’s been my jam for the first fifteen years of my life.
Suddenly, it wasn’t.
I literally changed overnight. I woke up one morning and hated everything about my life. No one wanted to believe I could do a one-eighty the way I did. I devised a plan to make it clear there was a new Abigail LaRue in town.
I bet they’ll believe me after this one.

Whoever said change was good, never met me.

A Witchling's Wicked Game
A Witchling's Wicked Game
A Witch's Last Hope
A Witch's Last Hope
A Witch's Last Hope

Abigail Reynolds
has instilled fear in all who’ve had the unfortunate happenstance to cross paths with her for centuries. After being alone for years, she decides she wants what she’s seen in her Crystals by any means necessary.
She prepped and planned but never could’ve imagined the result. What happens isn’t anything she would’ve ever expected.
An unlikely ally will step forward and help her in ways she never that possible.

Tilda Fairest’s
willingness to aid the enemy yields an opportunity no one could’ve seen coming.
The witch and fairy embark on an adventure neither of them will forget. Find out how two enemies band together complete an unforgettable journey.

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