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Mother Hen is usually the phrase that best describes who Zoie Norton is to her family, friends, and day care students. Despite all of the mothering, she gets to do with everyone else, her internal clock is ticking. She’s decided to take matters in her own hands. When things take a horrifying turn, a light in the form of a man shines into the darkness. Victor Cole is everything she doesn’t even know she needs in her life. Zoie isn’t the most receptive individual when he enters her world. Given what she’d just had to endure. ~ Good planning means learning to be flexible when changes come

Zoie's Purpose

SKU: 770007
  • Every story has two sides.



    The Guy: Headmaster, Victor Cole

    My Career Choice: Day Care Owner

    The Issue: I apparently want what I can’t have no matter how hard I try. My heart is full of so much love that I greatly desire sharing it. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the life I want. Things come in their own time. Just hold your horses!

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