Coming SOON!

My best recipes come out of moments of spontaneity.
- Savannah Flowers

Mixing a goody-two-shoes baker with a detective who has questionable morals is a recipe for disaster.
- Holden Cross

A random order for a loyal customer introduced me to the man of my dreams. It also led me to a moment of great devastation. I can’t believe both are the result of knowing the same man. I don’t know if we’ll be able to come back from this.

I’m seriously screwed.

Lies. Confusion. Secrets. All have become second nature in my world. I live this life and think nothing of the effect it has on others. Until her. She enters and demanded more. More than any other has asked of me.

More lies, a rumor, then the truth. F*cked that up royally.


Abigail Reynolds
has instilled fear in all who’ve had the unfortunate happenstance to cross paths with her for centuries. After being alone for years, she decides she wants what she’s seen in her Crystals by any means necessary.
She prepped and planned but never could’ve imagined the result. What happens isn’t anything she would’ve ever expected.
An unlikely ally will step forward and help her in ways she never that possible.

Tilda Fairest’s
willingness to aid the enemy yields an opportunity no one could’ve seen coming.
The witch and fairy embark on an adventure neither of them will forget. Find out how two enemies band together complete an unforgettable journey.

The Dream. It all started with a dream. Nope, It’s not the typical dream. I’m not that type of person. I know. It’s unbelievable. I can’t even believe it. This is my life.
A life definitely worth living … well, now.
Whiskey Sweet, Connecticut is not a place where a person would ever believe dreams … the best dream ever … could come true. It did. It well and truly did!
It’s what I believed happened. My hope scale hit the stratosphere and happiness abounded … until I was slammed back to the earth. What happened next I never would’ve thought could be my reality.
I don’t know what to say. One thing is for sure. I never want another caramel brulée latte.


Loss. It’s a part of life’s journey. Most take it in stride, while others tend to run and hide. Me? I took it as a calling.

It was my awakening. What it awakened is exactly what haunts my prey’s waking nightmares.

I’m the one they pray they never see coming. The one they don’t want in their orbit. I’m the one with the final word.

I am Sassone.

If you hear me, you have every right to fear me. The song I sing will bring your ending. The red I see is my final bidding. For I am Merida, Queen of the Bramb.